Dublin South : What “else” to do in the Irish Capital!

What comes to mind first when you think of Dublin? The Pubs? The lively chatter & music? The buzzing city centre maybe? Tours to countless brewhouses and distilleries? The south-side of Dublin offers a totally different side of the Irish capital which is not to be missed! 

“You are missing out on the vibe of the city centre! What are you doing living all the way down the South!”  our friends said dismissively.
 “Ah, I know! But there is only so many pubs you could go to, but the sea offers a different experience every time”, we argued like children. When we moved to Dublin (we had visited Dublin twice before), we had decided to take a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city and got a chance to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the city that most people who visit Dublin (or even live here) would not get to experience. So, here is our suggestion of the top things to “also” do in your visit to Dublin.

1. Take a bike out to Sandymount Strand 
Dublin is a very bike-able city. Sandymount is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Dublin and can be reached by either the Dart (train) or Bus, but it’s a lovely place to bike to. On the strand, you will see many people just out on a stroll, on a run, with their dogs or if it’s a sunny afternoon, just lazing around. 

2. Hike upto Poolbeg Lighthouse
Poolbeg Lighthouse is a beautiful hike, just across the Sandymount strand, where you pass by the iconic Poolbeg Stacks (the two towers you see from wherever you are in Dublin). It’s a short and sweet hike starting at Sandymount and ending at the lighthouse from where you get a really good view of the Irish sea.

3. Enjoy an evening stroll in the Grand Canal area
Dublin is quite a small city. You are never too far from the city centre. The Grand Canal Docks provides a beautiful boulevard for one to enjoy their evening stroll and admire the sights of the city. 

4. Take a boat ride to Dun Laoghaire
Dun Laoghaire is a beautiful sea town, just south of Dublin and where we used to live 🙂  You can take a boat ride from Grand Canal to Dun Laoghaire and spend a day here. Teddy’s Ice-cream is a famous ice-cream parlor, know for their 99s (creamy vanilla with a chocolate flake), but we prefer Scrum Diddly’s (lesser hype, better flavors (controversial opinion). Dun Laoghaire has plenty of restaurants but the Fish Shack is a must visit, if you like your fish and chips. 

5. Take a dip at the Forty Foot
If you are feeling a bit adventurous (and you can bear the freezing waters), why not go for a dip at The Forty Foot. You will find many swimmers, diving into the sea (especially on St Stephen’s Day – 26th Dec).

6. Explore the wonderful town of Dalkey
is a beautiful medieval town, south of Dublin. It is quite a posh area, full of beautiful streets, cafes & restaurants. The Jaipur is an amazing restaurant that is definitely worth going to if you are in the mood for some Indian food. Benito’s serves good Italian food. 
There is a lovely hike which starts at Dalkey and takes you to Killiney and offers some of the best views of the city that we would recommend doing.

7. The Bray to Greystones hike
It is very rare to find such a beautiful hike this close to a city. Bray to Greystones is a coastal cliff hike so you get un-interrupted views of the sea on one side and the lovely meadows on the other. Take the dart out to Bray and just follow the signs. The total hike takes about 3-4 hours. At Greystones, one of the best vegan restaurants – The Happy Pear is waiting for you titillate your taste buds. You can choose to polish that off with a frozen yoghurt from Mooch. 

8. The Wicklow Mountains

The Wicklow mountains are not that far off from Dublin as people may think. You will definitely need a car for this (bus service isn’t that great and unreliable), as it’s a lovely drive, offering some of the most scenic views you will ever see. Glendalough is something that you should definitely not miss. While driving in the Wicklow mountains, why not go to a lake that looks like a Guinness pint? Lough Tay (famously known as the Guinness Lake) is worth the extra drive, if you can get a good view. On the way back, if you get a seat, Johnnie Fox’s pub is worth going to for some great Irish food and music.

And you thought, it was all about pubs & museums, ha! There is so much in Dublin, that simply should not be missed. The south of Dublin, offers a lot to nature lovers and people looking to unwind. You don’t need to go far from Dublin for your Irish countryside experience. So, the next time you are in Dublin, definitely consider these as an option for a lovely day out!

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